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This is really cool dude nice job

i feel like this totally worth charging for, the games pretty fun

Love this to bits, the movement is spot on. I'd also second just some basic timing stuff, I can imagine my family trying to go for the fastest attempt on each hole for hours 😁

I had fun, nice work! It’d be good to have a little bit of music, at least for the victory screen at the end of each level. Also would be nice to support crank for scroll on the level select screen. 

Oh I love this! Were you inspired by the Oxyd games by any chance? Really gives me the vibes of playing those back on my b&w mac like 30 years ago lol

happy you like the game. Never heard of Oxyd. I guess I am too young to know these 🙂. Enjoy!

Hi! This looks fun! Would you consider updating it with the 2.0 SDK so folks from group 4 and beyond can play it?

Take care, -Brian

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Sure thing! I totally forgot about the SDK change. I will release it later today probably.

Thanks and take care :)

Hi Brian! Happy to report that I fixed it and you should be able to play it now.

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Confirmed on device! It works great. Such solid feel! Thanks for the super quick update! With a new list logo as well!

Hi your game crashes after firmware update 1.13 on playdate (released yesterday but not everyone receives it all together). I think It is related to this issue if i read the error screen

thank you for the notice! I will see what I can do as soon as I can and release a fixed version :)

Hi, i got good news, panic is going to fix this issue themselves, they will first put out a new SDK so we can test if it fixes everything and does not introduce new bugs then they will create a new firmware update and this should fix the problem in your game.

Thanks for your excellent and enjoyable efforts. Would gladly pay a bit for extra features as you listed. Otherwise I offer you salutations 🤟🏻


This is awesome! Great job capturing the feel of a real ball in a maze, it feels really good tilting the Playdate around to move. Thank you for your gift to the world!


Excellent, would gladly pay 3-5$ for this


thank you. I will keep it free. Feel free to donate some money to a charity instead!


This is the first game idea I had for Play date. You’ve managed to take the idea straight out of my head and put it out. Congrats on making a wonderful game. 

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Thank you a lot :) I am happy to hear it resonates well with you.

Wonderful game! It will live on my Playdate forever.

Very happy to hear. Feel free to leave a review :)

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awesome game - very well done - really like the graphic details with the ball moving and bumping - I would love to see a time function (time challenge or counter) so that one could try to do same levels but faster - also may be a swooshing sound when goes in the whole - thank you !

Glad you are enjoying my game. A (time) challenge mode and some added sound effects are on my todo list. 


This is a great game! I’ll be honest - I didn’t know Playdate has an accelerometer. Maze makes great use of it. Thank you! I hope you develop more games for Playdate. 

Thank you :) I didn't know either but then I stumbled upon it in the documentation. I had to make a marble game then!


Would you consider publishing the source? I'd love to see how it works, and folks might contribute.


I’d consider it, sure. Not sure if I wanna share everything but I could imagine sharing the core of the game. If you are interested in any specifics of the game code, feel free to ask in the playdate Discord channel.


Very nice! Feels like a large marble game with a big heavy ball--not like those tiny old Playdate-sized pocket games with tiny balls. And that's a good thing: those tiny ones were never much fun. A big maze like these with some inertia is!


This game is worth charging for. (You can make it free and still have the option to name a price FWIW.)

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Honestly I never planned on making money with it and there is a million better causes to donate money to.


Thank you so much. Happy you like the weight and handling.